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11:56am 24/06/2007
  ***Demand All Charges Against D.C. Area Activist Peter Gelderloos be
Dropped Immediately***

Oppose Political Repression of the Squatter's Movement in Spain

CALL, FAX, and EMAIL the Embassy of Spain on 6/26: Demand All Charges be

On April 23rd, VA activist and author Peter Gelderloos was arrested by
Spanish police at a demonstration on La Rambla, Barcelona. Peter was
acting as a witness for the arrest of Javier Mazas, when he was detained
by police under suspicion of setting off a petardo - a device used to
scatter flyers into the air. Police accused Peter of being a "terrorist"
and the two are being charged with illegal demonstration and public
disorder, the latter carrying a prison sentence of between six and three
years because it was allegedly committed with explosives. On April 25th,
Javier was released pending trial, and Peter was given a 30,000 euro
and sent to Modelo prison. Local community activists raised the bail in
only two days and Peter was released. However, Peter must remain in
checking in at court every two weeks until his court date which could
up to two years.

This is not the first such case of someone being framed by the Barcelona
police. As agents of a violent process of gentrification that is
the city of Barcelona, the police have frequently falsely arrested,
beaten, and tortured immigrants, squatters, and anarchists.

Peter's lawyers believe that with even minimal pressure from activists
the U.S. through political pressure and media attention that we can have
very real effect in getting the charges dropped. Please take a few
out of your day on June 26 to make a call, email and/or fax on Peter's
behalf. The point of this action will be to let the Spanish Emabassy
that Peter has a large base of support in the U.S. who will not sit
while the Government of Spain attempts to push these charges against

Support is needed from U.S. based activists to pressure the Spanish
Embassy to let them know this injustice will not be tolerated.

Please spread the word and encourage others to call, email and fax!

Peter Gelderloos is an activist and author from Virginia. Whenever he is
allowed to be in the good ole US, he is active supporting prisoners and
participating in the movement for prison abolition. He works with groups
such as Copwatch, Anarchist Black Cross, Food Not Bombs, and the local
infoshop. He has written a number of articles and pamphlets, and two
books, How Nonviolence Protects the State, and Consensus: A New Handbook
for Political, Environmental, and Social Groups.

For information on other Spanish political prisoners see
presosalacalle.net and www.325collective.com/prisons.html

Tuesday, June 26: Phone and Fax Blitz of Embassy of Spain

***Demand All Charges Against D.C. Area Activist Peter Gelderloos be
Dropped Immediately***

Oppose Political Repression of the Squatter's Movement in Spain

CALL, FAX, and EMAIL the Embassy of Spain on 6/26: Demand All Charges be

Telephone: (202) 452-0100

Fax: (202) 833-5670

Email: embespus@mail.mae.es

Here's a sample of what to say when you call:

I am calling regarding the case of Peter Gelderloos, a U.S. citizen who
unjustly facing charges in Barcelona. I urge you to drop the charges
immediately so that Peter may return to his life in the United States.
is appalling to see Peter's case as an example of how Spain treats
tourists, and that Spain allows visitors to be treated this way. The
details of this case are being relayed to media outlets and numerous
rights organizations in the US and if proper action is not taken - if
charges are not dropped and arresting officers go uninvestigated then
further actions to alert the media and public to this horrible situation
will be taken. I am also appalled to learn about the recent cases of
Barcelona police torturing prisoners and illegally evicting the social
centers that make Barcelona great.

Points to stress: 1) Drop the unjust charges against Peter Gelderloos
his co-defendant now. Also drop the deportation proceeding against him.
Allow Peter to return to the United States freely. 3) If the Spanish
Government does not remedy this situation immedidately, public pressure
will only increase.
A Call Against Government Spying! 
02:00pm 15/06/2007
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Just spreading the word on this, an excerpt from the petition itself:

The Department of Homeland Security is funding a $10 million project at the Rutgers University Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and the Center for Dynamic Data Analysis (DyDAn) (both at Rutgers University) to develop software that can track the content of political speech in internet blogs and on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, with the stated intention of identifying "anti-American" sentiment. Rutgers University along with University of Illinois, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Southern California are also working with the Department of Homeland Security to effectively monitor and interpret massive amounts of data (such as financial & personal transactions, passports, and visas) to extract “suspicious” people and plans based on behavior patterns that they determine “Un-American”.

For more information, check this site out and sign the petition if you feel so inclined. =)
01:04pm 15/03/2007
  Anyone interested in doing some street art projects, or anyone need any networking help or anything? I feel like I should be doing more, and I feel like this group should be more active also.

Please get in touch with me.

hope in the rubble? 
03:02pm 14/07/2006
  this might be long. it is almost certainly depressing. so if you don't feel like reading the whole thing-- just go here:


and donate some money.

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05:36pm 07/07/2006
  racists attracted to the prospect of fighting in a racist war?

now that I just didn't see coming!

07:07pm 26/03/2006
  Hey, my name is Lauren and I am organizing a day of awareness on the issue of Darfur at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ. On Tuesday, April 4th there will be a rally with speakers from 1-2 pm outside at our campus "quad", and in the evening (9 pm) we will be screening the documentary Darfur Diaries. I am posting this not only in hope of attracting people to come, but I am having some difficulties finding speakers in the area for the daytime event, and am till looking. So if anyone out there is/knows someone who might be willing to speak let me know. We're about 40 minutes outside NYC, and our group and co-sponsors have a budget that can cover travel costs or fees. I know this is short notice, but i still want to try.

Media Requests for Freegans & Dumpster Divers!! (updated) 
04:03pm 11/01/2006
  Freegan.info, a group and website promoting freeganism, has gotten a
ton of media requests lately from journalists all over the country
who want to find local freegans to interview.

Freeganism is a lifestyle based around adapting practical strategies
to minimize personal consumer impact, cut financial support for the
capitalist system that is destroying the earth and human and animal
lives, and create new methods for people to survive and thrive based
on sharing, mutual aid, social responsibility, and ecological
concern. Freegan practices include dumpster diving for food,
clothing, funiture, etc., squatting buildings, guerilla gardening,
train hopping, and more. If you aren't familiar with the radical lifestyle of freeganism, you may want to
visit <http://freegan.info>http://freegan.info. Or for a quick
definition of freeganism, visit

We are still looking for people to talk to media about freeganism in
these cities/regions:

Albany, NY
Bakersfield, CA1.5 hours NE of LA
Bay Area, CA
Boston, MA!!!
Canada (anwhere in the country)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Central FL
Central NY
Chicago, IL
Cincinatti, OH
Gainseville, FL
Ithaca, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Northern VA
Phoenix, AZ
Rochester, NY
Syracuse, NY
Tampa, FL
Toronto, CA
Vancouver, CA
Washington, DC
Wilmington NC

Connecticut (anywhere)
Maine (anywhere)
Massachusetts (anywhere)
New Hampshire (anywhere)
Rhode Island (anywhere)

Anywhere in the UK, especially
London. England
Southeast England
East Midlands, England
(Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Lincolnshire/East Staffordshire)
Yorkshire, England

Anywhere in Australia

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. If
you'd like to participate in a media story in any of the towns listed
below, call Adam at (201) 928-2831 or email adam@freegan.info
01:42pm 19/09/2005
  So Radio Undercurrents is coming back for another round of verbally punching Don Rumsfeld in the Kidneys. We'll be on Tuesday Night/ Wednesday Morning from 12:30 to 2:00. You can listen anywhere in the world at www.wesufm.org  
Dumpster Diving Events in NYC! 
05:29am 22/08/2005
  Help expose capitalist waste and overconsumption while promoting an anti-capitalist survival strategy!

Monday Night, August 22nd-- Freegan Trailblazing -- The CNN folks are curious about how freegans find toiletries and the like-- and we've been talking for awhile about wanting to do some new exploration (and hey, we can all use some extra toothpaste), so we are gonna take them around as we try to root out some good sites to find soap and toothpaste and the like. As usual we are asking them to focus on the trash, not the stores, to avoid retailer backlash.

We'll be meeting at the southwest corner of 10th St and 6th Ave in
Manhattan at 9:30 PM. We will be popping around a good bit, and may
come up dry, but this is about exploration, not harvesting from the
tried and true. All are welcome, but please be on time, because we
won't be hanging around, and please call in advance to RSVP. Adam at
(201) 968-0595 or just reply to this email.

Tuesday Night, August 23rd- DUMPSTER BIKE TOUR.. Part of The Bike
National Convention! The organizers want freegan.info folks to be
part of the fun! Think of it as Meals on Wheels-- well kinda. Meet
at 8:30 at Washington Square Park between 5 AVE, WAVERLY PL, W 4 &
Summary:An evening of riding and dumpster diving.
Details:Bring a flashlight and bags or a trailer to carry food and
assorted other booty from Soho's generous dumpsters.

Wednesday, August 31st
Freegan Meeting and Trash Tour
When: Wednesday, August 31, 7:30 PM
New York, NY 10001
Additional Info: Wendy (718) 473-5171

Event Description: Join us to plan upcoming freegan events and
to develop and execute outreach and networking strategies to
spread the freegan message!

Afterwards we will sample the best refuse 3rd Avenue in the 30s
has to offer-- starting at 9:30 PM at Gristedes on 3rd Avenue
at 36th Street (Northeast corner). Media will likely be
joining us.

Learn more and RSVP here:
or call Wendy at (718) 473-5171 or email adam@freegan.info.
10:12am 11/08/2005
  Anyone know of any activist groups in central NJ?
The one my friend and I had created back in early 2000 died out two years ago due to lack of interest.
Also, is anyone, atleast someone over the age of 18 who is free to travel, interested in creating a pre-school with me which teachs lessons based on experience?

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01:54pm 03/08/2005

I'm not gonna say anything about the article. I want it to be a surprise.
08:36pm 15/06/2005
  Hello radical New Jersey! And here I was starting to think I was the only one.

I'm a new member here. and wanted to say hello. Anyone in the central jersey area? drop a line maybe?

Also thought it was important for everyone to know about what's going on right now in Trenton. Seven SHAC activists are on trial for thinking. They've been charged with Animal Enterprise Terrorism, which is a bullshit law to begin with, made into even more of a bullshit law by the patriot act.

www.shac7.com has more info.
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NY Protest and NJ Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Gathering 
09:50am 17/03/2005
  "The anti-authoritarian contingent will meet at 11am at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th between 1st and 2nd) and support the War Resisters' League march to Times Square and action at the military recruitment center there. Afterward we will regroup at Central Park's East Meadow (97th & 5th) and join the march leaving the UFPJ rally at 3pm for Mayor Bloomberg's House. Bring banners, flags, drums, whistles, goggles, bandanas, puppets, instruments, flyers, your voice, your friends and yourself! Meet at the black flags!" - taken from some place else, radicalnyc, I think

Also upcoming ...

March 26, 2005
Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Gathering

North jersey is coming alive with ideas, energy, and action aimed at creating spaces where freedom, equality, truth, dignity, and a sense of community reign. The past 2 months have spawned at least 5 emerging anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian groups. Right now, if we come together to share ideas, resources and organizing techniques; we could walk away with more fortified groups, projects, and collectives, and possibly get some new ones off the ground.

The North Jersey Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Gathering has come together to achieve these multiple goals. The individuals involved in organizing the gathering represent a variety of activist organizations. They include members of the following organizations: Anti-Racist Action of North Jersey, Bergen Action Network, Anarchist Black Cross of New Jersey, Bergen County Bike Collective, Critical Resistance, Ever Reviled Records, and One Peoples Project.

The Gathering will be held on Saturday March 26th 2005 from 9AM - 7PM. There will be a pre-gathering/meet and greet at Grounds in Jersey City on Friday night (March 25th). The Gathering will be held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County, which is located at 35/47 Cleveland Street in Orange, NJ.

The day will more or less be broken up into several blocks of time. One will be set aside for North Jersey groups to report back on their progress thus far, one for lunch, and one for speakers from various groups outside of North Jersey to present. A final block of time would be used to break out into groups so that unaffiliated activists can plug into existing groups, or start forming new groups. Space will be reserved for tables for local groups to display their literature.

There will be a sliding scale fee ($3-10) however, no one will be turned away. Food and Child Care will be provided (please call ahead if child care is needed)

For information contact: sean(a)riseup.net