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hope in the rubble?

this might be long. it is almost certainly depressing. so if you don't feel like reading the whole thing-- just go here:


and donate some money.

so things are getting really, really fucking bad.

The Knesset has officially lost its marbles. And the IDF has followed. Sure, they've always been imperialist. they've continued a heartless and bloody occupation for decades now, that has been at least part of all international strife ever since.

but now they've gone completely out of their gourds. First the enormous tank invasion of Gaza.
And now the massive bombing of Lebanon. Including (so far) two straight days of bombing the Beirut International Airport. This is supposedly aimed at Hezbollah, who happen to be centrally located in a completely other fucking part of the country. The IDF has explained that this is to reap punishment on Lebanon for not trying to disarm Hezbollah. But here's the thing. Lebanon had a civil war. a big one. It ended in 1990. Part of the peace agreement was that no attempts to disarm Hezbollah would be made. and no intervention would be made in Hezbollah's border militarization. In exchange, Hezbollah stays behind its side of the line. So the people that Israel is talking to DID try, they can't do it. They can't afford to re-start that civil war; especially now that Hezbollah has major backing from Syria and Iran. SO clearly, there are other motives here. Most likely, the re-occupation of Southern Lebanon, which Israel left in 2000.

The way these nations are acting, this can only get worse. It is, in all seriousness, spiraling toward World War.
Iran and Syria get pulled into it. Iran would have to violate Iraq's airspace to get to Israel; so now Iraq, The US, and Britain are involved. Which means all the non-nation political entities jump in. Multinational Corporations, Al Qaeda, the Hamburgler... and so on, and so on, and so on.

Now that, that there is bad. we don't want that.

mainstream peace groups have been circulating petitions encouraging US intervention. umm, note to you guys:

The US does not exactly have a terrific track record when it comes to interventionary action in prodominantly Arab regions. The military doesn't have a history of treating Arabs with the respect and dignity of human beings (unless, of course, you ask that Noun_Verbs kid). Sending the US is in to stop the violence from escalating is kinda like filling a fire extinguisher with lighter fluid. so cut that shit out, ufpj.

It should be clear to any being with a higher functional capability than photoplankton that asking the same nation states that got us into this mess to undo it is just plain stupid. If we wanna stop world war 3 (or 4 depending on who you ask), we're gonna have to do it ourselves. Right now, I am not addressing the "anti-war" movement. clearly, we've seen what that's capable of. I'm talking to everyone and anyone. Anyone listening, I'm talking to you. us. people.
marches ain't cutting it anymore. We need to cripple the warmakers ability to make war. If this keeps escalating like it is, the need will get more and more urgent.

we need to build a global support network for anyone willing to resist war, warmaking, warmakers, and all the rest.
right now there is a movement of Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in missions of occupation. Thing is, they go to jail for that. Which means they need emotional support, and financial support.


that link takes you to an organization that raises awareness of the refusenik movement and funds for legal defense.

let's get started
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